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"I search, therefore I travel"

The sound-trips project

This is a list of sound trips. Click on any and start a virtual trip by my side while viewing pictures and listening to the sounds I heard when I was there.

This is actually one of the projects I've been involved into. When trying this in Barcelona a few times -going around with the recorder and the company of some photographer- we did not turn our material into anything. But now I felt so lucky for being travelling and seeing so much beauty, that I had the need of sharing it, sharing what I see and feel when I am abroad.... The motivation appeared!

So... I bought my first photo-camera and started taking it together with my digital handy recorder anywhere I went to, and then started programming!... and this is the result.
It might not be as I expected but I'm sure many will enjoy travelling with me.

I want to dedicate this trips site to my parents who, although not being too travellers themselves, have travelled much less than they would have wanted due to their own circumstances.

Videos were thought of as the third component for every album. But I found them too... realistic, too subjective. If you see them, you are too close to the experience itself, and therefore you can't have room enough for the imagination from the sounds. Image + audio should be enough, but sometimes videos bring the best of a moment... So I included the best of them within the albums. You can see them all together in the link below.

There's a 'shaking' blue text for some pics. Go read it to understand every moment and get the real sequence in a trip. Sometimes I don't delete the ugly pictures of a trip because they help me describe better what was happening.

Also feel free to add your comments to a picture in the form, below the thumbs. Every comment goes to the current picture.

As a remark, please note that one can't always get the camera ready for a special, spontaneous spot. The most beautiful things I've seen are not among these pictures. I'd have taken many more pics of other beautiful happenings I've been through, if I had been... just ready for it. Same happens (more often) with sounds. It is very disappointing to get to the equipment, rushing cause I heard some weird interesting sound, and start recording when it is gone...
that's also why some trips have no sound. All pics are raw version from camera and haven't been edited.

Enjoy          d-_-b

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    Wanna watch trip videos also? All video takes that are worth to see, streamed!


29 sound-trips are published so far.
  • Hong Kong
    November 2009

    Hong Kong, China

  • Pandan Island
    November 2009

    Pandan November 2009 S. Jose, Sablayan, Pandan Island. Mindoro, Philippines

  • Vietnam
    November 2009 + April 2010

    Ho Chi Minh & Mekong Delta area + Diem Bien Phu, Hanoi

  • Palawan
    December 2009

    Puerto Princesa, Roxas, Port Barton, El Nido. Palawan island, Philippines

  • Bangkok
    December 2009

    Bangkok city, Thailand

  • Thailand
    December 2009 + April 2010

    Koh Samui, Phuket, Phi Phi Islands, Krabi + Thailand Northeast

  • Malaysia
    Dec-Jan 09/10

    Kuala Lumpur and around. Batu Caves

  • Singapore
    January 2010

    Singapore city. The night safari.

  • Zambales
    January 2010

    Subic, San Fernando, San Narciso. Surfing. Capones island. Philippines

  • Boracay
    January 2010

    Boracay island. Panay, Visayas. Philippines